Mainsheet Capital窶冱 senior executives have a long standing track record of assisting companies to make critical strategic decisions about key business aspects including the future direction, size, shape and growth priorities. Mainsheet is uniquely placed to provide both insightful strategic design and, where required, consistent transactional execution due to our combined corporate strategy and corporate advisory experience.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Business Restructuring
  • Capital Allocation

Mainsheet has assisted many companies to review and reinvigorate their corporate portfolio strategy by challenging and reassessing the expected value creation performance of each business unit in a portfolio.

We are experienced in identifying the optimal portfolio combination of industries, market sectors, products, services and capabilities as well as the sources of synergy or窶歪omplementarity窶 between the businesses.

Our services include:

  • Portfolio performance review
  • Strategic pathways and options
  • Acquisition growth options
  • Restructure and divestment options
  • Capital structure and option reviews
  • Capital allocation and evaluation
  • Risk and sustainability evaluation

Mainsheet believes that, in today窶冱 fast changing world, growth is an imperative and that growth strategy development is a core business competency.

Mainsheet assists our clients to design and implement growth strategies that are based on a deep understanding of industry trends, business models, customer needs, core competencies and value drivers.

Our acquisition growth strategies include:

  • Services or capability extensions
  • Customer segment extensions
  • Industry activity chain extensions (upstream/downstream)
  • New industry sector entry
  • New geographic or country market entry
  • New business model development

Mainsheet works collaboratively with clients to increase their performance by designing innovative and executable new strategies.These strategies are based on real sources of competitive advantage around revenues, costs and asset utilisation.

Mainsheet brings a set of proven tools and techniques that provide a structured and effective approach to creative strategy development and action based implementation planning.

Our services include:

  • Strategic and performance reviews
  • Future pathways and options
  • Industry and market assessments
  • Customer and product profitability reviews
  • Business model and competency reviews
  • Competitor reviews
  • Distribution channel reviews
  • Financial forecasting and modelling

Mainsheet is experienced at quickly and accurately identifying the areas of performance and underperformance across a business portfolio.

We are experienced at supporting companies to quickly achieve the required structural changes, balance revenues and costs, improve asset utilisation, exit underperforming segments and divest underperforming businesses.ツ

Our restructuring and improvement services include:

  • Business performance review
  • Structural and sustainable cost reductionツ
  • Restructuring pathways and options
  • Business divestment options
  • Business growth and acquisition options
  • Debt covenant and cash flow modelling
  • Debt facility extension negotiations
  • New equity capital raising

In Mainsheet窶冱 experience, capital allocation decisions are the key driver of the future business size, shape and growth rate. They are arguably the most important decisions that management and Boards have to make.

Mainsheet has assisted a number of companies to establish and manage an 窶亙nternal capital market窶 to formalise these critical capital allocation and business building decisions.

Our capital allocation services include:

  • Expert capital structure reviews
  • Expert capital project reviews
  • Future cash flow forecasting
  • Valuation model development
  • Capital investment process reviews
  • Expert investment case development