Performance Improvement

Operational performance improvement is typically achieved through ongoing step change initiatives, however sometimes circumstances dictate that a more urgent operational and financial restructuring is required. Mainsheet has the capabilities and experience for both of these situations.

In a performance improvement situation Mainsheet works jointly with clients to conduct a data driven review of operations, design performance improvement plans and assist to build organisational capabilities to capture profit improvements. In restructuring and turnaround situations Mainsheet is experienced to act with urgency across operations, costs, assets, cash flow, debt restructuring, liquidity, business sales and recapitalisation.

  • Profit Performance Improvement
  • Customer Experience and Value
  • Operational Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring

For many businesses, improving profit performance is an ongoing task driven by the need to respond to changes in customer trends and needs, technology, regulation, the competitive environment and so on.

Mainsheet has a proven track record of working jointly with companies to adopt a fact-based approach to identify the area of potential improvement and to design thoughtful but pragmatic ways to implement those changes, build new capabilities and improve profit and value creation performance in a sustainable way.

Our services include:

  • Detailed operational performance analysis
  • Revenue, cost and asset efficiency improvement
  • Production and process efficiency improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Distributional channel efficiency
  • Sourcing and logistics efficiency
  • Improvement programme management office (PMO)

Mainsheet has assisted a number of both service and product businesses to understand their customers 窶 their needs, their behaviours and what is valuable to them 窶 to design differentiated experiences and maximise the value of their CX investment.

Our approach to CX is founded on understanding what is truly important to customers and marrying desirable experiences together with what an organisation can pragmatically do to transform their performance against customer expectations.

Our services include:

  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • CX transformation strategy
  • Future experience design
  • Customer experience measurement and management design
  • Customer-led sales and service optimisation

In a restructuring situation, speed, business stability, cash and value are all important. Mainsheet is experienced in working jointly with our clients to quickly identify the challenges and take actions to stabilise the business and preserve value.

We have the experience to support companies to quickly make the changes required to balance revenues and costs, improve asset utilisation, exit underperforming segments, protect the core and sell any underperforming or non-core assets or businesses.

Our services include:

  • Urgent business situation assessment
  • Underperformance area identification
  • Cash flow and profit stabilisation
  • Financial performance forecasting
  • Revenue and cost restructuring
  • Sales of underutilised assets or non-core divisions
  • Turnaround strategy development

Financial restructuring is centred around changing the capital structure of the business to better suit its current circumstances and is often, but not always, done in conjunction with operational restructuring. Financial restructuring is centred on ensuring ongoing liquidity and preserving value by recapitalising the business or changing the debt and equity structure to lessen the cash flow impact if servicing debt.

Mainsheet is experienced in assisting companies to review their capital structures and develop and enact financial action plans to negotiate with lenders to restructure debt facilities and amend covenant regimes, to take write-downs or to raise new debt or equity to recapitalise the business.

Our services include:

  • Capital structure and options review
  • Cash flows and liquidity forecasting
  • Financial stability planning
  • Sales of underutilised assets or non-core divisions
  • Lender engagement and negotiations
  • Recapitalisation processes
  • Safe harbour guidance