• Lessons from recent Mainsheet Operational Change & Transformation Projects
    Lessons from recent Mainsheet Operational Change & Transformation Projects

    Mainsheet Capital has worked on several operational change and transformation projects for clients in varying industries, specifically business integration projects of for mid and large cap companies across Australia in the last 12 months. 

    Our review of these projects identified five lessons 窶 irrespective of the clients窶 industry or the nature of the change 窶 that were deficiencies or successes in the planning and execution of the projects. 

    These lessons probably won窶冲 come to a surprise to readers, as they are key to the success of not only transformation projects but to all executive functions and business operations. 


    • Accountability of the objective 窶 keep the main game the main game
    • Maintain momentum 窶 what窶冱 the next bottleneck, assess and address
    • Adaptability – flex the plan to account for changing circumstances 


    • Regular updates to all 窶 don窶冲 stop communicating
    • Listen 窶 encourage contribution from your team and listen to them
    • Be personal 窶 people will be concerned how they are impacted, not just how the organisation will benefit

    Decision Making

    • What if 窶 consider all options and scenarios with your experts 
    • Risks 窶 consider all the risks in your planning
    • Make decisions 窶 use your delegated authority

    Program/Project Management

    • Manage the plan 窶 keep on top of deadlines
    • Task accountability 窶 keep everyone accountable
    • Join the dots 窶 talk about interdependencies, and their impact, with everyone


    • Harness the talent pool 窶 give your people the opportunity to excel
    • Fill skill gaps 窶 seek advice when you need it
    • Think skills not roles 窶 have experts at the table to contribute

    Adopting these lessons, or principles in managing operations or transformation projects will contribute to success.

    If you want to talk about these or other questions, please contact Shane McEwen.